Monday, 17 June 2013

London Jags?

I’ve been reading all the stories on all the NFL sites about the possibility of a team (Jaguars) being moved to London. There are mixed views all over the internet fan sites about it. Some like the idea and some are equally opposed to it.

My personal view is that it’s a crazy idea and is insulting to fans both in Jacksonville and fans in America .The truth of the matter is no matter whom we support or love, it doesn’t alter the fact that the sport is American and you shouldn’t be messing with things like it.

To all the good folk on my side of the pond, I ask you this. What would you do if your football (soccer) team decided to up sticks and move to Jacksonville ,yet still play in the English league?  Another point to consider is that us people in the British Isles have (well I would guess 90%) already got allegiances and have deep love for our particular NFL Teams. My love is the Broncos and has been since 1983 when C4 started showing highlights of games and my late dad and I loved the game right away and needed a team .My family lived in the Bronco Nation and it was a natural progression. My love grew deeper and deeper and even now aged 46 I’m still obsessing like a love struck teenager. My point is that if London did get a franchise then I for one would not have the slightest incline in swapping my team.

Another point is the price of Wembley and London .Its ok for a one or two off but to pay what Wembley charges on an eight game home season with maybe play-offs and the cost of travel is out of most peoples grasp. Then there’s the cost of fans travelling to the UK for fans of the away teams. As it stands now there’s just two games but imagine it if for example your team was in the London division and you had to travel every year to London.

I honestly don’t think it is a good idea and is just a way of the NFL exploiting and not caring for fans.